About Us

We are two brothers, Nick and Charlie. When we were little, our mom bought each of us a toy Dick Tracy watch.

Unfortunately, being a toy, it was not the most well engineered watch. In fact, it broke after a few weeks. One of us might have also gotten in the bathtub with it, and shed a few tears when it stopped working. 

Regardless, we have fond memories of dressing up like Dick Tracy and pretending to hunt down Big Boy with our watch. Since then, we have both loved the Dick Tracy comic strip. 

Used by permission ©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Used by permission ©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC


Fast forward 25 years, and we decided it is finally time we get a quality Dick Tracy watch. Mainly because we want it, but also because Big Boy is still at large.

We decided to share it with the world, by celebrating 70 years since the first comic strip appearance of the iconic Dick Tracy watch in 1946, so that you can have one, too!